About Us

About Us

Long Shenq Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Was established in 1985 and specialized in manufacturing AC inverter with excellent quality and enjoying high reputation in international market.

We have a series of space vector inverter from 8 bit to 32 bit with complete specification and models, with very strong function and easy operation, small size... etc features for industry needed. Thus, it is very wide popular in markets.

Long Shenq has very excellent development capbility. Except for current general type inverter, we have successful developed build-in inverter, motor type inverter (installed inverter to motor), it is specialized inverter for separate type air conditioner and for sporting equipment. 
Also, we have made these inverters for famous companies by OEM cooperation.


  • 1985 Our company was founded. We produced and sold LSI series analog controls drive.
  • 1988 LSD series digital controls drive.
  • 1990 LS600 series Voltage vector controls (0.4-75 kw).
  • 2000 We passed and were recognized by the international quality standard certification ISO9001:2000
  • 2001 Launched LS800 flux vector drive (closed loop).
  • 2003 The product specifications are extended to 90-225KW
  • 2004 Launched LS700 flux vector drive (open loop).
  • 2005 Launched LS650 voltage vector Drive.
  • 2006 Launched LS650M and LS700M series.
  • 2007 LS720 series for hoist motor derive from LS700 series.
  • 2010 LS820 series for elevator and hoist derive from LS800 series.
  • 2011 LS830 series for tower crane (450kw) derive from LS800 series.
  • 2013 LS825 series for turntable control and Tower crane derive from LS800 series.
  • 2014 LS850 highest speed frequency inverter (250,000rpm/1Minu).
  • 2016 LSMV medium voltage inverter

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