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Long Shenq Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, specializes in the manufacturing and sales of variable frequency drives (AC Inverter) for alternating current (AC) motors. Our VFDs provide the prime mover for industrial machinery, ensuring superior quality and international acclaim. Evolving from 8-bit chips to current 32-bit DSP chips, and from basic V/F control to advanced field-oriented control and pure vector control, our products continually innovate to achieve direct torque control for AC motors.

Our product lineup boasts comprehensive specifications, a wide range of models, and fully featured functions, all designed with user-friendliness in mind. Compact in size and easy to operate, they cater to the diverse needs of industrial equipment. Notably, our VFDs cover a power range from 0.5 kW to 450 kW, offering customers a multitude of options for energy savings, environmental protection, and enhanced efficiency, resulting in significant economic benefits.

In addition to OEM and ODM sales, Long Hsing Electronics also undertakes custom AC Inverter development and manufacturing projects commissioned by clients.

Long Shenq Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to producing high-quality AC Inverter that serve as the driving force across various industrial sectors, including civil industry, textile machinery, plastic machinery, extrusion machinery, chemical industry, fluid machinery, mixing machinery, lifting machinery, and conveyor machinery. Recognizing the critical role of AC Inverter in these sectors, we strive to enhance product quality and elevate our brand image. Responding to heightened customer expectations for quality, we intensify our efforts to integrate all human resources and fully implement international standard certification in compliance with ISO 9001, ensuring the best quality assurance.


  • 1985 Our company was founded. We produced and sold LSI series analog controls drive.
  • 1988 LSD series digital controls drive.
  • 1990 LS600 series Voltage vector controls (0.4-75 kw).
  • 2000 We passed and were recognized by the international quality standard certification ISO9001:2000
  • 2001 Launched LS800 flux vector drive (closed loop).
  • 2003 The product specifications are extended to 90-225KW
  • 2004 Launched LS700 flux vector drive (open loop).
  • 2005 Launched LS650 voltage vector Drive.
  • 2006 Launched LS650M and LS700M series.
  • 2007 LS720 series for hoist motor derive from LS700 series.
  • 2010 LS820 series for elevator and hoist derive from LS800 series.
  • 2011 LS830 series for tower crane (450kw) derive from LS800 series.
  • 2013 LS825 series for turntable control and Tower crane derive from LS800 series.
  • 2014 LS850 highest speed frequency inverter (250,000rpm/1Minu).
  • 2016 LSMV medium voltage inverter

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