Long Shenq Electronics has more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of inverters. With excellent quality, after- service, and rapid research and development capabilities, it is sold all over the world.


As a prominent manufacturing entity, our expertise lies in the production and optimization of AC drives. AC drives, also known as variable frequency drives or VFDs, have revolutionized industrial processes. Their flexibility and efficiency make them indispensable in modern manufacturing environments. Our commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in every AC drive we manufacture.


AC drives enhance energy efficiency, ensuring optimal power usage in various applications. Their adaptability in controlling motor speed provides precision and reliability, resulting in seamless operations across industries. Our cutting-edge technology integrates AC drives seamlessly into diverse systems, enhancing performance and reducing operational costs.


Our skilled engineers meticulously design AC drives that prioritize safety and longevity. These drives find applications in diverse sectors, from HVAC systems to conveyor belts, ensuring seamless operations in critical processes. Our dedication to excellence resonates through our AC drives, empowering businesses with the tools to achieve unparalleled efficiency.


At our manufacturing facility, we prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering AC drives that exceed expectations. Our commitment to sustainability drives our continuous research, creating eco-friendly AC drives that minimize environmental impact. Partner with us for state-of-the-art AC drives, enhancing your operations and driving your success.