LS1000 Series

LS1000 Series

Model:LS1000 Standard Drives
The LS1000 series is a multifunctional inverter that supports various types of motors such as IM, PMSM, BLDC, and SPM. It is used for speed control, torque control, tension control, position control, and comes with built-in specialized control functions. It can be applied in various locations of mechanical equipment.
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  Applicable motors are as follows:

 IM- Induction Motor

 PMSM-Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

 BLDC-Brushless DC motor

 SRM-Synchronous reluctance motor PM servo motor

Control function

1. Built-in SVPWM two-phase modulation and three-phase modulation.

   It can be used as frequency conversion and servo drive.

 2. Accurate parameter automatic learning (Auto-tuning),

built-in static and static and dynamic parameters automatically  learning function.

 3. Magnetic flux vector control technology, built-in open and closed loop control:

    Multiple control modes: V/F, V/F+PG, SVC, FOC+PG, TQC+PG

4. PM servo drive control application can be used for angle, positioning, constant speed and constant torque control.

Application field-built-in special parameter group

1. constant pressure pump

2. intelligent tapping machine

3. passenger and freight elevator

4. light and heavy crane

5. angle tool change

6. synchronous operation

7. automatic operation programming

8. injection molding machine

9. machine tools

10. treadmill

11. electric car etc.


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