LS800 Series Inverter

LS800 Series Inverter

Model:LS800 Standard Drives
LS800 is equipped with both sensorless vector control and sensor vector control, suitable for precise and complex industrial control applications such as crane equipment, high-speed elevators, proportional synchronous operation control, constant current and torque control, tension control, and general induction motors.
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1. With digital operator, can perform duplication function and parameter saving function

2. Auto-Tune parameter of motors with precision

3. Can input parameters automatically or manually

4. Speed errors within ±1 r.p.m

5. In Standstill Position, rotational torque output 100% in speed zero

6. 2 sets of multi-function PID setting

7. 16 sets of speed, 8 for PLC compilation and the other 8 for terminal compilation

8. 1 set of multi-function Counter function

9. Built-in intelligent multi-functional parameter group specialized for water pump

10. Can perform 4 quadrant rotational torque control

11. Can perform fixed current and fixed rotational torque, and fixed tension control

12. Speed and rotational torque commands are set and controlled by VR individually

13. S curve, linear curve and V/F curve

14. Slip and rotational torque are compensated automatically

15. AVR automatic voltage regulator control

16. Power saving control system with high efficiency


1. Middle/low-speed passenger elevator

2. Metal processing machinery

3. Drilling machine

4. Woodcarving machine

5. Wastewater treatment systems

6. Crane hoisting

7. Elevator and escalator

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