LS650 Series Inverter

LS650 Series Inverter

Model:LS650 Standard Drives
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1. CT Series unique overload capacity:150%/60s

2. VT Series unique overload capacity:120%/60s

3. High reliability and low energy loss (New generation IGBT Module)

4. Output Frequency:0.01Hz~300.00Hz,Built-in AVR Function

5. Multi-function PID setting,PID for pump only

6. Built-in intelligent multi-function pump only parameters

7. Built-in series communication interface RS-485 (Baud rate to 34800)

8. Digital monitoring software

9. Setting of S-curve,linear curve and V/F curve

10. 8 sets of acceleration/deceleration selections with slip compensation

11. 16-step speed presetting and 16-step programmable automation and PLC programming


1. Air compressor

2. Food processing machinery

3. Metal processing machinery

4. Plastics and rubber machinery

5. Woodworking machinery

6. Elevating system

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