LS700 Series

LS700 Series

Model:LS700 Flux Vector Drive
LS700 series is a series of more than perfect AC drives. LS700 series adopts the flux vector control principle with the advanced high technology “direct field excited” to exactly estimate the magnetic flux and also adopts DSP software and hardware to process the engineering calculation for the output conversion of best output torque excited.
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1. Auto-Tuning parameter of motors with precision

  • LS700 can automatically detect the motor electricity parameters dynamic and static or Manual key-in motor electricity parameter value
  • The drives can perform auto-tuning with load

2. Speed accuracy(±1%)

3. Multi-function PID block

4. Special PID function for pumping application

5. 8 preset speeds control、8 groups of accel/decel time

6. Built-in intelligent multi-functional parameter group specialized for water pump

7. S ramp,linear ramp and V/F curve are programable

8. Slip and rotational torque are compensated automatically

9. AVR automatic voltage regulation control


1. Metal processing machinery

2. Food processing machinery

3. Woodcarving machine

4. Wastewater treatment systems

5. Crane drive and swivelcrane drive

6. Elevator and escalator

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