LS850 Series Inverter

LS850 Series Inverter

Model:LS850-Highest speed frequency Inverter
Developed specifically for cutting equipment to match high-speed spindle motors, a high-frequency inverter has been developed, capable of reaching up to 4333Hz, enabling speeds of up to 250,000 rotations per minute.
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SSSPWM full name is Symmetically Synchronized Sine PWMthe meaning reference as below“Carrier SynchronousFull symmetrysinwavePWM ModulateYou can see from the figure below (left), by LS unique wave algorithms, between the inverter output phase voltage and line voltage has physicallySymmetrical】、【Point symmetrySpecial effects; the purpose is to completely eliminate the low order frequency (sub) harmonics and reduce the high octave (super) harmonic components

Measured wave symmetry analysis chart

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Current flux measured wave symmetry analysis chart

LS Inverter  Other Inverter



1. PCB drilling machine

2. CNC Machine Tool

3. High speed drill grinding machine

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